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Standard Features
  All roof and wall sheets are 26 gauge, 80,000 KSI R-panels. Roof, wall, and trim sheets come with a 30-year limited warranty against rust, weathering, and discoloration. 
  Your choice of a variety of colors for roof, wall, and trim on all horse barns
  All structural framing and stall panels are galvanized steel, and therefore rust resistant.
  2"x 4" 11 gauge tube, for Columns, and a 2"x 2" 14 gauge tube, in latter-style formation, 8" deep, for rafters.
  Roof purlins, eave struts, and endwall ties are 16 gauge Cee purlins.
  Two 12'x 9' Split Sliding Doors on Raised Center Aisle and Straight Gable horse barns, one at each end of the alley. For the One-Row Barns, we provide two Single Sliding Doors, one at each end of the alley.
  Stall fronts come standard with galvanized vertical grills for the top half, and include a 4' sliding door on a track and trolley system.
  20 lb. live/snow load and 80 mph wind load with the option to increase these loads depending on your location. 

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